A shortage of space image without affecting its quality

With the collected professional camera images often have large image size may exceed 5 MB, making it difficult to have the task of lifting the image either on Facebook or any other site, which compels you lose image area for adjournment or for friends who have Internet is weak it will face several problems when uploading, in this regard, we will explain to you the code of the professional way to low image area to bring your photos as you want and the time Whatever you want.
What the terminology is a very simple site called Compressnow a site dedicated only to control the image area (lifting or low surface area) and of course, if you want tkhfz size to the Max, this means it will affect image quality and will become somewhat poor, the site suggests you the best choice and is 20% is applied by default upon entry to the site and you can specify the percentage you want, but try to choose the option that’s right for you does not affect image quality Therefore, it is recommended that you compress the image in up to 20%, then click on Upload an image to select the picture that you want to compress, and then click on the Compressnow to reference the site supports most formats of GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG.

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