Find out the true cost of the Galaxy S6 Edge

Featured imageAs every time after the issuance of new smart phone show a lot of analysis about the technical specifications of the device, but some experts go even further, focusing on the deeper aspects, with regard to the hardware components and the cost of processing and the difference between them and the final price for marketing.
Research firm “IHS” specialized has published a new report on the cost of manufacturing the new Galaxy Smartphone S6 new Edge where the true cost of manufacturing the new smartphone is only 290 dollars for the 64 GB internal storage before the American telecommunications company Verizon up its price to $ 699 without a subscription.
And according to a report by IHS, the cost of processing Galaxy S6 Edge over Apple’s iPhone phone manufacturing cost 6 up to 247 dollars and Yvonne 6 plus cost $ 263, on the other hand, the Galaxy screen S6 the most expensive component is the Edge where up to 85 $ Exynos Wizard 7 costs $ 29.50.
And it remains to be noted that the manufacturing cost represents only a proportion of the cost of any device and other details remain to determine the final price for any smart phone.

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