Good news for fans of the “Nokia”

Featured imageAfter that many believed that the Finnish company Nokia has effectively ended after technology giant Microsoft’s acquisition of the mobile sector where, Nokia to create event returned after the announcement of a merger with the French-American company “Alcatel-Lucent” but seems to be good news for fans of Nokia is still ongoing.
And Nokia was early last week had indicated that a merger between the Finnish and French/American “Alcatel-Lucent” and the deal will be confirmed during the first quarter of 2016 to turn the company into a “Nokia” Corporation, and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Nokia’s  as Executive Director, Alcatel-Lucent Director Rajeev Suri “.”
New news, transported the specialized website “Re/code” where he noted that Nokia plans to return again to the smart phone market through the manufacture of new phones starting next year, 2016, and comes after the company lost its mobile sector, which it acquired last year, Microsoft was the site that the deal between the companies that Nokia will be unable to manufacture new smart phones only in 2016, although the last year launched the computer Android tablet is the “N1”.
And as Re/code, the return of the smart phone industry, Nokia will be led by a special Department within the company is Nokia Technologies “section”, which manages more than 10,000 patents, where the company will be a strong and ambitious projects in addition to her betting on new “surprises” especially with regard to virtual reality technology.

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