Mark to the ghriba reveals one of the most important secrets of work inside Facebook

Featured imageMark to the ghriba is the young billionaire and founder of Facebook social network in the world and one of the most important and notable success stories in this digital world, and as such did not come by chance, many are wondering about the secret of this success and is part of the convertible revealed recently.
Mark to the ghriba, unlike a lot of actors in the digital world gives great importance to communication with users via the Internet, as well as at special events organized by Facebook “question/answer” and which cost mark to answer the questions of young people on social networking site Facebook or even in private life and the way it works.
And by mid-April and on the margins of the effective detection of the founder of social networking site Facebook mark to the ghriba “on one of the most important secrets, which constitute a major reason for its success, and it comes to the number of hours spent in work per week, where someone asked him how long the spend at work each week, Marc replied without hesitation he spends 50 to 60 hours a week at work in the library, and is apparently a large number if compared The legal working hours, which may not exceed 45 minutes.
Mark to the ghriba in the rest of the time you don’t play it keeps on thinking about how to link the world and give back to the community.

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