This is the monthly salaries of the staff in Google

Many people dream of working in a large company, mainly because of its reputation and employee work environment, but there is no doubt the biggest attraction is the salary provided by renowned companies, particularly those that focus on technology, such as Google.
This is the monthly salaries of the staff in Google
If you are curious people who wonder always about how some professionals and senior staff in the us search giant as a monthly wage, the site Glassdoor-a website gathers information on employers and businesses through information provided by employees anonymously-produced list of the top 15 salaries of senior staff of the company Google in the United States.
Don’t be surprised: it was really high numbers. In the list which you can see below, the highest salary earned senior products, receiving 26, 678.50 dollars per month. The lowest salary in this list goes to the role of Director of business development, which gets 13, SAR 291.83 dollars a month.
1. senior products 26, $ 678.50 per month
2. mdiralhendsh 23, monthly $ 760.91
3. the Director of the first 23, 270.41 $/month
4. software development engineer 21 871.91 per month
5. software engineer 20, 204.08 per month
6. research scientist 17, 929.83 per month
7. the Director of finance 17, 044.75 per month
8. Product Manager 16, 784.16 per month
9. Sales Manager 16, 316.25 per month
10. software engineer, of the fourth category 16, 029.75 per month
11. technical project manager of category III 15 $ per month per 376.16,
12. reliability engineer 13, $ 946.66 per month
13. Director of marketing 13, 393.83 per month
14. technical project manager 13, 311.50 dollars a month
15. Business Development Manager 13, SAR 291.83 per month

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