YouTube enforces a new procedure respectively content makers

Featured imageA few days ago formally confirmed the news was talking about YouTube’s desire to launch a paid version without commercials from its stand to video, the new step that many saw a change in the strategy of Google & free-based, may affect some satisfaction, but they seem to infuriate a lot of content makers.
YouTube has sent e-mail messages to its partners from the makers of the popular content on the podium telling them to close up the launch of a new application-driven and without advertisements through monthly subscription by the user, but without details, and apparently it is now clarified some new details.
Various media reported today that YouTube and they will impose on users subscribe to this new service and paid it to the contrary would force makers of content to subscribe to, so you will not have any choice to reject the terms of the new YouTube, otherwise that YouTube will retain the right to classify videos users in “private” mode, which means not watching their few users.

Featured image

YouTube is justified by the fact that the new videos that are published on its website will be shared at the same time a paid version without ads-free version with ads, and it means that the content makers will benefit physically better than I, so that YouTube will ensure that this category get 55 percent of the profits on the vidohathm on the paid version which will form a new material resource, especially with the proliferation of software that prevent ads as Adblock, preventing content makers Benefit greatly from the revenue of ads on the free version.

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